This is an inspirational Spanish location in Almeria

We were here for a few days, me walking, writing and soaking up the absolute nothingness.


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  1. Maureen & John
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 19:00:46

    Jane, this is lovely – Well Done and Good Luck – Lovely photo of you and Tara!! Am already looking forward to reading the next book but have had difficulty finding out how to post the comment for your book both on amazon and kindle!! It looks like I need to be logged in to facebook and I find that a minefield!! Lots of love, MOJO

  2. Barbara
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 21:44:32

    lived in albox almeria for 7yrs. hated every minuet of it,never will leave the uk again, the animal situation in spain in general sickens me,got 2 of my rescue dogs from Paws-Patas when Debbie was there, a wonderful rescue,still have them, Luna(was June)a greyhound,now approx.11yrs old(just lost 1 of our g-hounds from uk,saw Luna in free paper,was ment to be)) + dear little Chico,a shy little boy,someone had cut his tail off,he must be 7+now,no one took him as he went + hid,so when we wanted another dog + rang P.P they suggested chico(we had just lost one of our other dogs,took 2 G-hounds to spain from uk,then took rambla dog,called him Rambla,but after 3yrs we lost him to got Chico,(a Podinco x,+ a podinco from APSA,+ 1 more that was thrown over our wall in the night,heinz57,collie in there somewere,so back in lovely norfolk now with the 5 of them(oh yes, a skeleton galgo we found joined our family,hanging around in Piedra Amarilla,no one knew were he’d come from, so we took him,all my pics. on my F.B page of photos)now a big choc. brown beauty).A lot of dogs, but a joy to have,but will not be having 5 again,1-2 plenty in our rather sm. garden!!!+ they will be rescue G-hounds.3000sq mts in spain!!!Thank God there are now several rescues now starting up in the area we were in + all over,can see that all on F.B.SO glad to be home again.

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