Last Winters Foray into Magical Iberia

Now packing our superb RV for another autumn/winter trip.  If last years trip was anything to go by, we are in for many more treats.  The dogs know something is going on as ever more bits and pieces are carried into the capacious storage holds.  When their water dish goes in, they will know we are finally off with all responsibilities taken care of!

I am taking time out to fly to Denmark via London for some wonderful family moments.  And as if there was not enough pleasure, friends are flying to Almeria to meet up with us and undertake some more incredible walks.


Euro Weekly News

Lets hope this review helps with progress!

Euro Weekly News | The Shepherd Girl’s God by Jane Lauriston Seigal | Book Review | Features |

Nearly packed!

Off on our travels again, one large RV van, 2 people, 2 dogs, 3 countries.  First, Central and Western France followed by north-west Spain, particularly the Picos de Europa. Weather permitting right to the end of land, turning sharply left down towards Vigo and its amazing Rias Baixas.  Into the quiet, gentle solitude of north-west Portugal probably skipping Porto, impossible for us to park, and from there where the whim takes us but definitely in the New Year – ALMERIA.  Watch my travels to see where we go!

Criticism and Praise

Great to receive messages, emails and comments about both my book (click  here to buy)  and my website.  Some criticism has been downright aggressive, some constructive and the few lines of praise I’ve had are truly lovely.  Keep it  all coming. Thank you.

This is an inspirational Spanish location in Almeria

We were here for a few days, me walking, writing and soaking up the absolute nothingness.


I am now actively exploring the possibility of opening an avenue directly into schools.  Children should know and understand how to behave and how to react with living creatures.  I do not think enough has been done to show that the way we behave to all life on our planet directly affects us in every way.  With this in mind, I have asked two educational professionals to read my book The Shepherd Girl’s God and I await news.

The Shepherd Girl’s God

Sales of my book appear to be ticking over now.  Click  here to buy the book.  I would really like to be in a position at the end of this month to donate a sizeable sum to PAWS patas click  here to find their site.  In Tara’s memory, I feel she would love to be able to save others like her.  She had such a tough time and if it had not been for PAWS her life would not have been as long and certainly not as happy.  I miss her terribly and she has left a gaping hole which although partially filled by another, will never be filled.

Enjoy the book those of you who read it and please let me know what you think of it.  I have had one or two really positive comments one of which suggested it should be compulsory reading for school children.  I too have thought that and someone is reading it now with that view in mind.

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