Travels Away!

I do a fair bit of scribbling some of which is published, most not!!  I do it for the love of it, to keep records for us and to preserve memories, which are more than cherished.  I do not purport to be a travel writer in the true sense of the Rough Guides which I use constantly, or travellers like Magbaz who are absolute experts on most of Europe, particularly Greece,  But I think I am quite knowledgeable in my field i.e., what most of us look for, real ‘living’ locations in both urban and rural areas where life goes on as it always has.  I actively seek them out, try and get under the skin and enjoy every moment.

If anyone needs advice on really out of the way places to aid with the natural recharging of one’s batteries, PLEASE ASK ME.  I love doing itineraries offering tranquillity and nature.  Just give me a rough idea of where you are going and what you like.

Travelling hoboes

We have enjoyed this lifestyle for years.  Running a very small but extremely busy hotel on the northern fringes of Dartmoor, long awaited holidays at Christmas were everything to my family.  We used to race down to the far south eastern corner of Spain and spend 4 marvellous weeks recuperating and doing things normal families do, well nearly normal!  Perhaps shooting jelly fish near Aguilas does not come under the heading of normal.  For 20 years we utilised a fantastic Peugeot Elddis Autoquest 420 which we still have and has accomplished over 250,000  fascinating miles.  Last year we took the plunge and used the last of my premium bonds to buy a rather elderly Chevrolet Bayport Rockwood which has done very few miles.  I love my R.V.  (Recreational vehicle)!  It is a true American camper complete with EVERYTHING one would need to live an everyday and very ‘clean’ life.  Complete with small bath even – huge fridge and freezer, mains electricity system supported by solar panels and a gas generator, my computer comes too.  It goes without saying, all our dogs enjoy this style of living more than any words could describe.  They linger longingly each time the door is opened and when serious packing of food goes in, they are beside themselves.

We almost never go on to a campsite preferring solitude and time to enjoy what Europe, particularly the Iberian Peninsular, has to offer.  The dogs appreciate this too.  We try to be away over the excesses of winter although we do live in S.W. France, it can be cold here too and I must admit to being a sun-worshiper.  So here are a few photos from my collection of tens of thousands to whet appetites.

We have travelled further afield New York for example where my son lives and I have such a soft spot for that city.  Thailand where we went to a wedding and spent glorious weeks exploring Chaing Mai, Bankok and Krabi, and Turkey where we do plan to take the RV at some stage in the not too distant future.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 21:17:45

    Absolutely awesome this website. I have bookedmarked it and will follow it!!! Please keep up your wonderful work. And yes, you ARE a great travel writer!

  2. Jane Lauriston Seigal
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 22:49:44

    Thank you Chris for your comment and I REALLY enjoy all the travelling and my wonderful dogs and RV!

  3. Conrad
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 10:57:27

    Excellent website Jane. Glad to see you are enjoying life to the full…as always.
    All the best from an old friend.

  4. conradinchiangmai1
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 05:48:33

    Good to hear from you and just in time! Will send my news shortly by separate mail but in the meantime enjoy your travels.

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